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Family chronicles

The "Bergrichter" farmhouse in "Mühlegg"
became the property of the family

According to a document dating back to 15.04.1859 issued by the tribunal of Tures, on 11 June 1859 (pages 1638 - 1647) Johann Freiherr von Sternback of Brunico (Brixen) was the owner of the so-called “Untermühlegg-Gut”, in the town of San Giovanni.


The purchase deed of 8 April 1866

The deed was for the purchase of the Untermühlegg-Gut by Matthias Innerbichler, born on 10 September 1808, and Anna Innerbichler, born on 25 July 1825, married on 8 February 1859, and resident in Brugghaus (today "Prater"). The seller was Johann Freiherr von Sternbach, from Brunico.

Following the death of Matthias Innerbichler (born on 10.09.1808), on 16 June 1888, the ownership of the Mühlegg-Gut was transferred solely to his wife, Anna Innerbichler (born Innerbichler on 25.07.1825). Anna Innerbichler, born Innerbichler, died on the 13 June 1908.

Matthias Innerbichler, only son of the couple, born out of wedlock on 23 February 1851 in San Giacomo in the Aurina Valley, inherited the farmhouse. He married Maria Kofler from Rutscher (Aurina Valley). Matthias died on 2 April 1935.

The ownership was taken over by his son Matthias Innerbichler, born on 25 April 1896, and married to Rosa Mölg, born on 01.05.1901. His sisters Anna, Rosa and Aloisia, had the right to live in the house for all their lives. Eventually all the sisters died, and Matthias Innerbichler himself also died on 21 June 1959 due to a lung disease that he had caught while imprisoned in Siberia during the First World War.

On 29 July 1959 the ownership was transferred to his son Franz Innerbichler, born on 07.04.1934.

During the period between 1964 and 1969, the ground and the first floor of the house of the mining judges underwent extensive restoration and expansion.



  • On 12 July 1969, the building was transformed in a tourist establishment, and managed as such:
  • In 1976, the roof was covered with shingles, and the outside walls were restored and then painted by the Peskoller company of Brunico.
  • 1980 saw the refurbishment of the warehouse, while in 1987 the family purchased the nearby "Pfister" house (at the times of the mining tribunal, this was a prison with the guardian quarters attached), which in the meantime had been restored.
  • During the 2004-2005 period, the first and second floor were carefully rebuilt and restored. The house of the mining judges was given a new shingle roof and the front was restored. Six guest holiday apartments were also completed
  • The refurbishment of the ground floor followed in 2007.
  • The farmhouse also includes a small church, a chapel consecrated in honour of San Giovanni Nepomuceno. Extensive refurbishment works were carried out in 2009. A mass is celebrated every year on 16 May during the celebrations for the Patron Saint. Since 1986, celebrations in honour of the Virgin Mary also take place every day in May, attended by a large number of believers.
  • Franz Innerbichler married Martha Stolzlechner. The couple had two children, Matthias and Julia. after the death of Franz, in 2015, Matthias took over the establishment, which he manages together with his wife Martha.