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The tourist attractions of the Tures-Aurina Valley

A region to experience and discover …

The Tures-Aurina Valley offers wonderful nature, idyllic locations, cultural heritage, and a past that is still much part of the present. A region that is full of contrast and colours, authentic, unspoilt and versatile.
Unveil the treasures of the Tures-Aurina Valley, starting from its thousand hues.

Climb on the time machine, and take a dip into the past. Enjoy adventure with all your family!

At the discovery of the Tures-Aurina Valley …

Mining Museum of Predoi

An underground wonder: the Mining Museum of Predoi

  • Fully equipped with yellow raincoat, torch and helmet, a little train carriage will take you to the heart of the mountain. Here, in the St. Ignaz tunnel, the deepest one, amidst images, sounds and figures, you will admire first hand an impressive and faithful reproduction of the work in the mines of the past.
  • In another tunnel, also nowadays unused, you will find the "Climate Centre", where you will be able to breathe and enjoy fresh and pure air, without allergens.

Mining Museum of Cadipietra

The life of the miner: The Mining Museum of Cadipietra

  • In 2000, the former copper mine granary was converted in a Mining Museum.
  • Here, you will discover everything regarding the salaries of miners, their privileges, wives, beliefs and superstitions, up to the mineral production and extraction processes.

Enzwaldile adventure park

For the most daring ones of you who are not afraid of heights: the Enzwaldile adventure park

  • 10 tracks, 90 elements, 18 cable cars & Zip-Line, 1 Basejump, a Mini-Flying-Fox track for the children: sheer adventure and action for the whole family.
  • The "Enzwaldile" adventure park is in Cadipietra, and is the most modern and newest park of its kind in South Tyrol.

Klausberg Flitzer

For adults and children: the Klausberg waterpark

  • Splash! Older and younger water lovers will have lots of fun: the Klausi pond, the bear slide, the Kneipp tracks, the sand and mud bath, and much more!
  • On the Klauseberg you will also find the "Klausberg Flitzer", the longest and most spectacular alpine roller coaster in Italy!